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Ideal as a channel of Knowledge and Communication

Unlimited Webinars

Hold meetings, demonstrate products, and deliver results. Make as many transmissions as you need, with no participants limit.

Live in seconds

Invite your team in seconds. You do not need to install any software to conduct your training or meetings.

Recording & Storage

All your webinars can be recorded and organized on an exclusive channel.

Acessible to any device

100% responsive platform. Your webinars can be played from any device (smartphone, tablet or PC).

The Evolution Your Training Needs. Real-Time Interaction.

100% interactive platform. Make your training more collaborative and increase the engagement of your team with online chat. Clarify questions and encourage interaction between participants.

Ensure Absorption of Your Content. Evaluate the Performance of Each Employee on Time.

Apply post-webinars assessments and ensure mapping of key development points across learning cycles. Integration with Google Forms and SurveyMonkey to facilitate the creation of evaluations and management of collected data.

The Information You Need to Speed Up Your Training Performance.

Understand the behavior of your audience and create strategies to produce even more engaging training. Get accurate data about your webinar's view and length of time (live or recorded).

One Place with Integrated Solutions. Offer a Unique Experience for your Team.

Integrate Eventials with the best market solutions such as Skore and Moodle. In addition, you can link your LMS or Intranet through our API. You also have Single Sign-On (single sign-on), without the need to create more than one user and password.

Exclusive Functionality for Training

  • Single Sign On
  • Configuration that allows the integration of login between a platform that you already use, such as intranet, LMS or corporate university with Eventials. This way your guests can use the same account to consume all their contents.
  • Screen Sharing
  • Application that allows you to demonstrate the operation of systems, the sharing of presentations with animations or videos that are saved on your machine.
  • Adaptive Streaming
  • Technology that allows the participation in the transmissions by users who have low speed connection. In real time, the system turns high quality video into low or medium, so users with limited internet can watch the content.
  • Acessible to any device
  • Without having to download or install any applications, your attendees will be able to access broadcasts directly from the browser and from iOS, Android, tablets and cell phones, as well as from any Windows or MacOS computer.
  • Chat Room
  • Tool that allows real-time interaction between the participants of the broadcast and the speaker / moderator. All history will be saved and can be consulted later by you as organizer;
  • Questions and Answers System
  • Chat feature that identifies between sent interactions the ones that are questions and displays in a prominent area for the speaker and moderator.
  • Unlimited viewers
  • Eventials believes that you should focus on making good content and good broadcasts. As a result, our plans are flexible and allow for as many transmissions as necessary and with unlimited participants;
  • Shared Coaching moderation
  • Release other users' access so they can help with moderation during broadcasts. They will have access to the chat, questions and the list of participants online.
  • Public or Private Webinars
  • Function that allows the accomplishment of transmissions with access control, commonly used for conducting trainings or meetings. Release participation only by whom you want to authorize to consume the content.
  • Permanence Report
  • Displays in detail who participated in the broadcast, how much time watched, how many views it generated, and the percentage watched.
  • Participants list
  • Keep track of how many participants there are in the broadcast and know who they are.
  • Recording & Storage
  • All content transmitted will be automatically recorded and will be available on your platform channel. Therefore, your guests who can not participate live or want to review the content, can watch at any time.

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