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In 5 years, 80% of internet traffic will be video. Now is the time to make money on this media with your knowledge. Join more than 450 clients who have chosen Eventials to share their ideas.

Webinar Platform for Speakers, Teachers and Coachings
Made to Profit from Videos

Unlimited Webinars

Make as many classes, courses and events as you need. Eventials wants you to have great results, so there is no limit on broadcasts or participants.

Ease to broadcast online

Carrying out your lessons has never been easier. Broadcast from your home or office, using a webcam and without installing any software.

Earn money with recorded content

You will have your own video channel, where your broadcasts may continue to be sold after live broadcasts.

Profit more with your webinars

Sell your online courses in a 100% safe and automated platform. Your customers can purchase the contents via credit card or ticket.

The Evolution Your Lectures Need. Real-Time Interaction.

Interact with your audience and clarify questions in real time. Create interactive and dynamic 100% webinars with Eventials features, such as online chat.

Integrated Payment Solution. Get More Security to Sell and Receive Your Profits

Eventials has integration for online payments (credit card or bank slip). You do not have to worry about anything! Your customers will be able to pay up to 6x and we will make the transfer in a single installment for you.

The idea is simple: Focus on producing good content and surprising and leave the financial operation with us.

Get Specific Data For You to Improve Your Performance As a Speaker

Understand student behavior and strategize to produce even more engaging classes. Get accurate data on the viewing and length of time your class is present (live or recorded).

Validate the Absorption of Knowledge After Each Lecture Held.

Take reaction research to map the absorption of knowledge by the participants. You can also conduct satisfaction surveys and gain that insight to continue evolving your momentum.

Intuitive Platform and Unlimited Support In order for Your Lecture to be perfect

Count on our technical team to help whenever your students have difficulties, either to make the purchase or even to participate in your broadcast.

Exclusive Features for Speakers

  • Single Sign On
  • Configuration that allows the integration of login between a platform that you already use, such as intranet, LMS or corporate university with Eventials. This way your guests can use the same account to consume all their contents.
  • Screen Sharing
  • Application that allows you to demonstrate the operation of systems, the sharing of presentations with animations or videos that are saved on your machine.
  • Adaptive Streaming
  • Technology that allows the participation in the transmissions by users who have low speed connection. In real time, the system turns high quality video into low or medium, so users with limited internet can watch the content.
  • Acessible to any device
  • Without having to download or install any applications, your attendees will be able to access broadcasts directly from the browser and from iOS, Android, tablets and cell phones, as well as from any Windows or MacOS computer.
  • Chat Room
  • Tool that allows real-time interaction between the participants of the broadcast and the speaker / moderator. All history will be saved and can be consulted later by you as organizer;
  • Questions and Answers System
  • Chat feature that identifies between sent interactions the ones that are questions and displays in a prominent area for the speaker and moderator.
  • Unlimited viewers
  • Eventials believes that you should focus on making good content and good broadcasts. As a result, our plans are flexible and allow for as many transmissions as necessary and with unlimited participants;
  • Shared Coaching moderation
  • Release other users' access so they can help with moderation during broadcasts. They will have access to the chat, questions and the list of participants online.
  • Public or Private Webinars
  • Function that allows the accomplishment of transmissions with access control, commonly used for conducting trainings or meetings. Release participation only by whom you want to authorize to consume the content.
  • Permanence Report
  • Displays in detail who participated in the broadcast, how much time watched, how many views it generated, and the percentage watched.
  • Participants list
  • Keep track of how many participants there are in the broadcast and know who they are.
  • Recording & Storage
  • All content transmitted will be automatically recorded and will be available on your platform channel. Therefore, your guests who can not participate live or want to review the content, can watch at any time.

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